Passenger removed from flight to Crete because of his tattoos

The Mail — A passenger who allegedly had an Isis flag tattooed on his arm was removed from a Norwegian flight to Heraklion.

Cabin crew suspected the man’s inking was of the terror group’s symbol or a verse from the Koran, on the 9pm flight from Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport to Heraklion on Thursday.

They reportedly refused to fly with him on board and the captain removed the man and his female companion, causing delays to the flight.

The plane departed just over an hour later, at 10.05pm.

Darko Ali, a station officer at the airport’s border police, confirmed that crew and passengers ‘reacted to another passenger for some reason and it created some concern’.

‘The captain decided that the person would not be allowed to remain on the plane and wanted the person to leave.’

Mr Ali told German newspaper Expressen: ‘He was not welcome on board the plane and we helped him to leave the airport.’

Mats Eriksson at Stockholm Police said that despite police being present when the man was escorted from the plane, ‘this is not a police matter.’

‘The pilot has full authority to remove whoever he wants from the plane,’ he told The Local.

He stressed that the man was not suspected of any crime or detained by police.