Crete among the world’s best places to retire in 2016

Tornos News –Today, retiring abroad is about launching a new life in a new country, starting over someplace sunny and exotic with white-sand beaches or Old World culture. But there is no one way to determine the best place to retire for every person. And with a seemingly endless amount of choices, how will you ever find the right one for you.

That is where the Live and Invest Overseas Annual Retire Overseas Indexcomes in.

After months of on-the-ground research, with help from its far-flung team of expats, experts, and correspondents, this overseas retirement index is by far the most complete resource for helping you choose your quintessential retirement destination.

The 2016 Index is the most comprehensive country-by-country comparison ever produced.

The best part of all, is the index is all about you. It is designed to let you make your own decision and draw your own conclusions about the best places to retire based on your personal preferences, lifestyle, and needs.

Life and Investment Overseas is geared mainly to English speakers, and has recently published its top 10 list of overseas places to retire.

They factored  12 categories such as climate, cost of living, language, entertainment and fun, healthcare, infrastructure, security, and taxes.

The Greek island of Crete ranked 8th on the list, partly because Cretans are known to live to 100 years old thanks to the healthy Mediterranean diet. Furthermore, the ongoing financial crisis made Crete extremely affordable for those with a source of income outside of Greece.

The full top-10 list includes:
1: Algarve, Portugal

2: Valletta, Malta

3: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

4: Cayo, Belize

5: Ljubljana, Slovenia

6: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

7: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

8: Crete, Greece

9: Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

10: Ambergris Caye, Belize