Satellite maps show damage caused by July’s wildfires in Crete and Attica

FORTH Remote Sensing Lab via Chaniotika Nea

The Crete based Research and Technology Institute ( produced maps of the area wildfires destroyed in Apokoronas and in East Attica.

The satellite maps, published in local Chaniotica Nea, show patterns of fire formed by the prevailing winds that destroyed an area of 1430 stremma (143 hectares)  of forest and agricultural land.

The data produced can be used for cataloguing and recording the damage so that restoration of the land can begin and compensation claims can be processed more quickly.

Another map shows the fire in East Attica where 86 people lost their lives, with Mati at the center of the map. The fire there destroyed 13000 stremma of forested and residential areas.

FORTH Remote Sensing Lab via Chaniotika Nea