Apokoronas, Kakopetro in state of emergency following fires

Photo via Flashnews.gr

Apokoronas and Kakopertos in Platanias are to declare a state of emergency following the devastating fires that caused untold damage to property and the environment in both of these areas of Chania prefecture.

A meeting of local mayors with the regional authority leaders and local MPs took place on Monday to highlight the problems of fire damages and also to plan for the rest of the summer, as the fire season is not over yet, and the coming winter setting out a flood management plans. 

The emergency services, civil protection,  volunteers and municipality staff were thanked for their contribution to firefighting and preventing loss of life, while a request was made for a fire helicopter to be based in western Crete.

In Apokoronas over 9,000 stremma (1000 sq m) of forest and agricultural land turned to ashes, while many sheep farmers lost their livestock, animal feed and animal shelters in the fire.

In Kakopetro, the fire got to 200 metres from the village of Kamisiana whose residents had to be evacuated.

The water network, telephone and electricity supply have not yet been completely restored in the affected areas, as pipes melted and electricity and telephone poles burnt and need to be replaced.

Many hotspots along the 15 kilometre front of the fire in Apokoronas were only extinguished on Tuesday, helped by the heavy rain, a week after the fires started.