Visitor falls in Heraklion museum breaking a 4,000-year-old vase

A prehistoric vase has been smashed in a museum on 23 May after a visitor tripped over and inadvertently grabbed it the Daily Mail reports today

The Minoan-era artefact was on display at the Museum of Heraklion. The unnamed woman visitor who fell on it on May 23 was left with minor leg injuries while the pottery vase has been taken away for repair, Greek ministry of culture officials confirmed.

The rare exhibit dad already been restored once before, being assembled from fragments from a Minoan site excavation. It is not known what the visitor tripped on.

Heraklion museum contains one of the most complete collections of Minoan art in the world including a beak-spouted jug from the Prepalatial period and a clay libation vase.

The broken vase should be back on display on Friday.

MailOnline has contacted the museum for comment but has not yet received a reply.