Two emergency landings at Chania airport on Sunday

Chania international airport

Thomson flight TOM6YQ from Luton, heading to Heraklion carrying 189 passengers, made an emergency landing in Chania following problem with its wing flaps which are used for slowing the plane down. The pilot requested a diversion to Chania airport which has a much longer landing strip and the Boeing 737 landed in Daskalogiannis airport without a problem at 11:15 on Sunday evening. After a short delay for repairs the plane continued its journey to Heraklion.

Three hours earlier a Condor airlines Boeing 757  aircraft flying from  Frankfurt to Mauritius made an emergency landing in Chania  following a problem with its hydraulics.  The aircraft was met on the ground by emergency services but landed without any problems.  The 250 passengers  on board were transferred to a hotel in Chania The are expected to continue on their way to Mauritius on Monday.