Turkey threatens Greece after eight ‘coup plotters’ allowed to land in helicopter following dramatic escape

Mirror — Turkey has issued a warning to Greece over Athens’ decision to let eight alleged coup plotters helicopter into the country.

The officers were permitted to land at Alexandropoulis Airport following the botched attempt to overthrow the Government.

Turkey’s ambassador to Greece, Kerim Uras, reportedly threatened that “bilateral relations would be damaged if Greece does not extradite the 8 Turkish military personnel.”

During a press conference with members of the Greek media he added: “Greece should not given landing permission to Turkish helicopter, it should not have even allowed it to enter Greek FIR.”

It comes after the Turkish Government moved to sack tens of thousands of teachers and university academics it believes are sympathisers with the plotters behind last Friday’s coup attempt.

Critics of the Government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan have claimed that the ‘coup’ was either initiated by the state or allowed to happen in order to be used as mandate for purging the country of opponents of the president.