Three more deaths from drowning in one day (update)

Chania Post — Three more tourists died while swimming on Tuesday afternoon bringing the number of deaths from drowning among holiday makers to 16 so far this year.

Two of the incidents occurred within hours on Tuesday afternoon in Kavros beach, Apokoronas.

The victims were a 68 year old man who died in Rethymno General after being pulled out of the water unconscious,  and a  64 year old woman who died the same beach an hour later.

No more details were released.

Later in the afternoon, another tourist, a 59 year old man from Sweden, drowned at the sea area of Stalos west of Chania.

Friends of the man have stated that the man had not consumed any alcohol as previously stated.

Apokoronas News would like to apologise for any upset cause to the friends and family of the unfortunate man.

Reproducing the report was  not meant  in any way as a derogatory remark directed against the unfortunate man, but rather as a warning to swimmers that alcohol and sun and sea can be dangerous.  As is swimming after a heavy meal. 

Chania Coast Guard is carrying out a preliminary  investigation on all three deaths.