The Greek proposals: Key points

The Greek government, in what has become known as the Varoufakis email, put forward its plan for much needed reforms. The proposals include a commitment to:

Combat tax evasion

Tackle corruption

Introduce collective bargaining, stopping short of raising the minimum wage immediately

Tackle Greece’s “humanitarian crisis” with housing guarantees and free medical care for the uninsured unemployed, with no overall public spending increase

Reform public sector wages to avoid further wage cuts, without increasing overall wage bill

Reduce the target for primary surplus

Achieve pensions savings by consolidating funds and eliminating incentives for early retirement – not cutting payments

Reduce the number of ministries from 16 to 10, cutting special advisers and fringe benefits for officials.

The government also made a commitment not to roll back already introduced privatisations, provided that  proper procedure has been folloewed and that they  comply with Greek and European law.