That unforgettable Crete holiday has more accommodation options

Travel Daily News — Visitors to Crete in 2018 will be presented with an unheard-of array of vacation choices as compared to previous years. Voted one of the world’s best destinations by TripAdvisor, the island of the ancient Minoans boasts of unmatched history on top of scores of Blue Flag beaches and more. Destination accolades aside, there is a very wide range of accommodation options that will help you discover the Crete vacation you’ll never forget.


Apart from the top family resorts and the romantic getaways listed in the review, there is a wide choice of villa rentals and alternative tourism stays.

Ecotourism to wellness, adventure and cultural, the island has so much to offer it is impossible to list. The same holds true for speciality accommodations,  a range of which is listed in the article.