Mouzouras – Marathi link road open to the public

FB page: U.S. Naval Support Activity Souda Bay, Crete - Representatives from the naval base, 115 squadron and the contractor in the opening ceremony

U.S. Naval Support Activity Souda Bay, Crete — A US-funded project to connect the 115th Hellenic Air Force base in Mouzouras Village with the Hellenic Navy Base, Marathi was completed last week. It primarily aims to provide a more direct route between the two bases to improve the transportation of critical equipment, logistics materials, and supplies.

“The completion of this project eliminated the need to transport over busy public roads bypassing populated areas,” said Lt. Ryan White, NSA Souda Bay Public Works Officer. “It significantly increases and improves NSA Souda Bay’s support capability by providing for a dedicated and safer transport route.”

The project, executed in collaboration with local landowners and Hellenic authorities. cost $1.3 million and took approximately 23 months to complete,

The road begins at the intersection at the 115th Hellenic Air Force base gate and follows the existing road around the northeast perimeter of the base and continues along the JP5 fuel maintenance road, crosses the ridge line with an S curve, and terminates at the intersection with the main road to Hellenic Navy Base, Marathi. The road is now open to public traffic.