Invitation from the FCO to participate on Q&A session on how Brexit might affect you

“I am writing to invite you and all your British readers on a Facebook Live Q&A session at 11am (UK time) on Tuesday 11 April. The event will take place on the FCO Travel Facebook page and will focus on answering queries from British nationals living in the EU in regards to the UK exiting the EU.


This is the link which you may wish to share on your website and social media channels.


Are you a UK national living in Greece and want to find out more about your rights and status following the triggering of Article 50?
Join FCO travel – travel advice from the Foreign Office for a Facebook live Q&A with Foreign Office director for consular services Julia Longbottom – on Tuesday 11 April, 13.00 Greek time. Click below, share and ‘Like’ our page to get notified when the live broadcast begins. You can post your questions in advance in the comments section below.