Finance ministry to start tax inspections in tourist areas

eKathimerini — Greek authorities will begin inspecting tourist destinations across Greece and businesses that are known to be in violation of tax law.

The General Secretariat of Public Revenue has announced a series of inspections and will carry out over 30,000 checks through tax offices and a large number of on-site checks throughout the country, with a particular focus on tourist areas, but also sectors or industries that have high rates of violations (restaurants, taverns, entertainment venues, reception areas etc.). These checks will be carried out 24 hours a day and over the weekends.

According to the announcement of the General Secretariat of Public Revenues, the inspections are part of a general policy to combat tax evasion, improve tax compliance and increase government revenue, especially during the summer. The inspections will run until September 30.

Officers of the Hellenic Police Force in some cases will escort the tax inspectors during their checks.