EU to fund research for use of liquid natural gas by Greek ferries

The European Commission will pay about 600,000 euros to fund a study aiming to promote the use of LNG by ferries covering Greek island routes as part of the EU’s wider transport program to support eco-friendly sea transportation in Greece.

Greater use of lower-priced, eco-friendly LNG on Greek island routes will contribute to the reduction of emissions, as well as fuel supply costs in the Aegean Sea, the European Commission noted in an announcement.

The study’s objective is to promote LNG use by both passenger and cargo boats serving the Greek islands. The study, to include a survey of port facilities, vessels, shipyards, and shipping company investment plans, will bring together key sector authorities for an in-depth look into the plan’s technical and financial aspects before a proposal is made to the Greek government for its legislative support.

The Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) program was introduced in the beginning of 2014 as an EU transport infrastructure policy that aims to better connect the continent.

The study is scheduled to be completed in December, 2015 and will be supervised by INEA, the European Commisssion’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency.