Emergency services rescue 70 walkers trapped by flash flood at Samaria gorge

A huge rescue operation at Samaria Gorge was successfully completed yesterday, when around 70 walkers got trapped at various points of the 16 km gorge by a flash flood caused by heavy rainfall on Wednesday morning.

Forestry workers and gorge guides with help from local people rescued fifty walkers and took them to the village of Samaria.

Another 20 were located were rescues later and taken to the village of Portes.

As more rain was expected, the rescued walkers spent their night at Samaria half way through the gorge.

The rescuers pointed out that there is no medical team available at the gorge, so it was very fortunate that none of the rescued walkers had suffered any injuries.

The gorge will remain closed until further notice. The emergency services are advising visitors to take particular care when walking the gorge, follow the guide’s instructions and take heed of weather warnings.