Drunk passengers removed from Monarch flight to Crete

Monarch airplane via The Mirror

The Mirror — Passengers were removed from a flight to Crete from Birmingham Airport after they were deemed too drunk to fly.

Sunseekers travelling to the Greek holiday island were delayed on Tuesday as two people were kicked off Monarch’s ZB914 flight before take-off, the Birmingham Mail reports.

One witness said: “very drunk woman thrown off the plane” and added one of those ejected “agreed to get off in the end” as her luggage was removed.

Monarch confirmed that two people had been removed.

The airline said in a statement: “We confirm that two customers were offloaded from flight ZB914 from Birmingham to Heraklion on July 11, 2017 due to excessive alcohol consumption prior to boarding.

“As stated in our conditions of carriage ‘the law states that no person shall be drunk on any aircraft and we and our aircrew have a legal obligation to uphold this regulation.’

“Monarch takes a zero tolerance approach to excessive alcohol consumption prior to, or during, flights and as a result the customers were off-loaded and the flight left one hour late.

“The safety and security of our passengers, crew and aircraft is our absolute priority.