Development minister in discussion with mayor about the prospects of Apokoronas

In a meeting with the minister for the Economy, Development, Shipping and Tourism, Giorgos Stathakis on 29 April, the mayor highlighted the main points of the development plan of Apokoronas.

These include the creation of modern sports facilities through small scale targeted investment which will be of large benefit, particularly to the young people of Apokoronas.

The mayor brought up the matter of medical provision in Georgioupolis which is urgently needed particularly during the tourist season, and the relocation of the medical unit in Kournas to an unused municipal building in Kavros.

The minister said he has already secured the agreement of the ambulance service to locate a unit in Georgiopolis during the tourist season and committed funding for the ugrading of the municipal sports facilities.

During the meeting the mayor raised the issue lack of educational opportunity beyond high school in the area and talked about his vision of establishing a higher technical school in Apokoronas to train young people who wish to stay in the area and work in the tourism or agriculture industries of Apokoronas. An application has been made to the education department proposing a partnership where Apokoronas council will supply the buildings.

The minister gave his total support to the idea and his commitment that he will support the speedy completion of the project adding that he is aware of it’s contribution to the economic development of Apokoronas.

Finally the problems of the olive oil producers relating to the underfunding of this year’s olive fruit fly (Dacus oleae) control were raised. A number of possibilities were discussed but no definite solution was offered by the minister.