CCTV video of the Chania vendetta shooting released (video)

Police released the CCTV security video from the bar where the vendetta shooting took place in Chania town centre in the early hours of Monday morning.

The suspect is held under guard  waiting for the preliminary hearing which will probably take place on Friday. The victim is still in a critical condition at Chania hospital intensive care unit.

A real life tragedy

In 2011 the father of Monday’s victim, who is serving an 11 year prison sentence for his crime,  had killed the father of the suspect.

The 2011 killing happened at Tsikalaria outside the home of the killer, Mr A where there was an argument with the victim Mr B.

At some point during the argument Mr A shot his handgun in the air to frighten Mr B,  but the bullet struck his own sun who was out on the first floor balcony watching the argument between the two men. Thinking  that he had killed his own son, Mr A then  turned his gun on the other man, Mr  B, and shot him dead.

The injured boy survived. His brother is the victim of  Monday’s attack.

The 25 year old perpetrator of Mondays shooting felt he was avenging the death of his father, by shooting the son of his father’s killer who is in prison.