British man drowns in Kavros

A 54 year old British man drowned swimming in Dramia near Kavros in  Apokoronas. According to eye witnesses the man tried to swim towards the beach but was unable to do so, prevented by wind and currents. The coastguard arrived on the scene after an emergency call and managed to pull the distressed man out of the water. He was then taken by ambulance to Rethymnon general where he was certified dead.

The man was an Episkopi, Rethymnon resident who moved to Crete with his family in 2015.

He was an experienced swimmer who went swimming nearly every day and was aware of the currents/tides. He had not gone swimming after eating or drinking alcohol. He went swimming nearly every day for exercise, and only along the shore, not straight out into the open sea.

On Tuesday another man drowned in Kissamos.

The latest death brings the number of deaths in Cretan waters to 14 so far this season.

Bathers are advised to take care when swimming in the sea,  watch out for the red danger flags and generally not to go swimming without telling someone or immediately after a meal or after having consumed quantities of alcohol. Even experienced swimmers can get into difficulties in the sea  – which unlike the swimming pool, can be dangerous.


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