British Airways returns to Crete with a Gatwick – Heraklion route

British Airways returns to Crete this summer after many years of absence.

The first flight of the new route will arrive to Heraklion at 1pm on 1 May,  bringing  120 BA passengers from Gatwick to the island.

BA has scheduled four flights a week – every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday until 23 October but with the option to continue till the middle of November.

Britain is the second biggest tourist market for Crete, with Germany first. Heraklion, was added to BA’s  other new routes to  Mykonos, Santorini and Thessaloniki and is expected to become one of BA’s most popular destinations in Greece.

The new route is the result on several year’s effort by local organisations and the region of Crete who have been trying to encourage BA back.

However, pleasing as it is to know that BA has gave it vote of confidence to Heraklion airport, it is worth remembering that Heraklion international operates at capacity in the summer and there is a limit to how many more passengers it can comfortably handle .

Time to get the plans for the new airport at Kasteli out of the filing cabinet once again?