After the elections the bailout program is to be evaluated and adjusted.

An EU official who spoke to the Reuters explained that the first evaluation of the recent Greek bailout program is expected to begin in October. The evaluation might take longer than expected as a new government will have emerged from the national elections which are to be held on Sept.20.

The official pointed that it is possible that a new government will want to make some further negotiations and in any case the program will need readjustment in accordance with the new financial facts and the subsequent predictions.

The finance ministers of the Eurozone will meet in Luxemburg this Saturday and the Greek program and reforms are first in their agenda.

Pierre Gramegna, the finance minister of Luxemburg, which holds the presidency of the EU for the current semester, stated: “Elections are due in Greece and we must first see what the results will be”. “The next step will be the October evaluation. Right after that we must discuss the restructuring of the debt. It is unanimously accepted that the debt is too high. How shall we restructure it? Opinions differ”.