Prime minister Tsipras outlines his programme

In a hard hitting speech, Alexis Tsipras laid out plans on Sunday evening to dismantle Greece’s austerity programme.

Tsipras said the Greek government cannot ask for an extension to its bailout because the bailout failed.

Greece will respect the rules of the euro zone, but will not condemn the Greek economy to everlasting recession with “illogical and unrealistic” primary surpluses.

Greece wants to service its debt and invites its partners to join it in finding a way to work together

It will comply with the rules of fiscal balance and a balanced budget but at the same time deal with social destruction, putting an end to austerity and a humanitarian crisis.


Public sector workers who were made redundant unconstitutionally will be reinstated.

Almost half of some 700 ministry cars will be cancelled and the government will cut the number of staff at the prime ministerial residence by 30 percent.

Sale of at least one of the government aircraft.


Immediate reintroduction of collective wage bargaining

Rules to protect workers from mass lay-offs


The new government will show full confidence in public sector workers regardless of their political beliefs.

There will be investigations into state contracts where there has been evidence of irregularities of any kind.


Tsipras said his government would introduce a law to stop home foreclosures and he will not allow the selling of non-performing bank loans to speculative funds.

He said they will re-vamp the law concerning bank bailouts in cooperation with private stakeholders.

His government will put an end to corrupt practices of issuing unsecured loans to ‘influential’ business people and political ‘friends’, used for purposes other than the loan was intended and are never repaid


The government will not continue the “crime” of selling off state property cheaply to government cronies

It will create a “National Wealth and Social Security Fund” into which income from the development of natural gas and minerals and state property will go.


There will be an immediate law granting nationality to the children of immigrants who were born in Greece and lived in Greece all their lives.


Free electricity up to a number of units, housing and health care will be given to the most vulnerable groups – unemployed, uninsured, homeless


Personal tax-free allowance to rise to 12,000 euros

Crackdown on tax evasion

Unpopular property tax ‘ENFIA’ to be scrapped this year replaced by a new tax on property over €300000 .