Reader looking for information on ancestors from Apokoronas

Georgios Zolidakis born in Apokoronas is on the right

An email from the US was received with a family photo,  from a reader trying to trace his ancestors in Apokoronas.:

My Grandfather Georgios Zolidakis on the right. He immigrated on 21 march 1907 to Ellis Island. He was born 12 September 1886 in Apokoronas, Crete. We had always been told by my parents he was born in Istanbul. His parent names were Constantinos or Mihali, and Anastasia. We believe he had been a police officer in Athens prior to immigrating. Our family also believes he had 2 sisters still in Crete. All of our parents have since passed and now there are only grandchildren who do not know this side of the family. We have a pretty good history of our Grandmother. Our name when it was Americanized was changed to Zolis and some took the name of Zolidis. How would we ever find any kin in Crete or any part of Greece? Thank you for reading. John Zolidis

If you have any knowledge of the family name and think you can help, please write to AN with a contact email and I will pass the information on to John