127K Greek workers are paid less than €100 per month

KeepTalkingGreece.com — The dramatic shrinkage of the earning due to recession, explosion of unemployment and dominance of flexible forms of employment is being reflected in a document submitted by an experts’ committee to Greek Labour Ministry.

Neo-Poor Greeks earning wages much lower than the unemployment allowance of 360 euro.
According to Ministry data:

126,956 employees are paid a gross monthly salary of 100 euros.

It is worth noting that, according to data from Greece’s biggest Social Security Fund for Employees (IKA),  the average wage for part time ranges from €400 to €420 gross per month.

These figures show that the number of the new-poor workers paid monthly wages up to €510 gross totals 432,033 people.

Data: monthly gross salary for private sector workers for 2015

Left column: wages in euro — Right column: total number of workers

Note: Full Time Minimum monthly wage for those below 25 years old is €510.94 gross. Minimum wage for those above 25 is €586* gross. (source: Naftemporiki)

Further data from the Labour Ministry show the increase of part-time contracts/flexible work contracts.

In the time period July 2013 – July 2016:

152,636 full time contracts were changed into part-time or rotating job contracts.

The document points out that the Greek economy is facing a serious problem due to its low competitiveness.

However the document points out that low competitiveness is a “structural problem” which is mainly related to the organization and management of the Greek economy rather than labour costs which Greece’s international lenders will try  to reduce further in the next round of ‘reforms’ coming up in September.