FB Lato on its way to the scrapyard

ANEK lines FB Lato was towed out of Souda port yesterday, on its way to the Perama Shipyards. Lato was decommissioned in Febrouaty 2014 and was tied at Souda since September last year. The port authority had asked for its removal in order to use the quay for cruise ships during the tourist season.

LATO was built at the NAIKAI Shipyard in Japan in 1975 and was bought by ANEK in 1989 when it was renamed Lato, the ancient Minoan city. The next destination of Lato is likely to be a marine scrap yard in India where Lato will be broken up.

FB Lato is one of the three ferries ANEK is selling for scrap to boost its ailing revenues. The other two are the ageing Lefka Ori and Sophocles Venizelos.