Young moped rider killed on the national road at Souda

Another fatal accident marred the beginning of the August holiday season.

A 17 year old man was killed when his moped was hit by a truck heading for Chania on the westbound lane of the National road at the Souda junction.

The unlucky young man was coming out of Souda trying to turn left when he was hit. The accident happened around 3:30 in the afternoon. According to police reports there was a lot of traffic on the road at the time. The young man, who according to the police was wearing a helmet, died later in hospital from serious head injuries.


The Souda junction is a notorious black spot for accidents. Local road safety groups have been asking for some time now that action is taken to make the road safer.

A speed camera, barely visible behind the trees, is located just before the junction and the speed limit at that particular stretch of road is 60km – but it was not enough to save the life of the young biker.

Campaigners are asking for putting a stop to traffic coming out of Souda turning left into the east bound lane.