Two convictions for animal abuse in Chania

Library picture of Lizzie - one of many abandoned dogs that needs rehoming
On 22 and 27 September two cases of animal abuse reported by the Chania Animal Welfare association came to court, resulting in suspended sentences and heavy fines.
The first of these cases involved neglect. The supposed carer of the animal received a suspended 18 month sentence and a 5000 euro fine.
The second case which resulted to the death of an animal the accused received a year’s suspended sentence and a 5000 euro fine.
 Mrs Bobolaki the president of the association, in a press statement points out that an administrative fine of 30,000 will also be imposed to those convicted in both cases.
Mrs Bobolaki also points out that there are  another 20 cases of animal abuse that will be heard in Chania courts by  end of the year. 
In July a man was arrested in Apokoronas for a serious case of neglect of three dogs in Apokoronas after a report made by foreign visitors to the area.