Tsipras to ask for confidence vote after 1st bailout tranche is paid in

enikos.gr — Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will ask for a confidence vote in Parliament once the first tranche of the third bailout aid is paid on August 20, state news agency ANA-MPA reports.

Tsipras secured a favorable vote in the 300-member Parliament Friday morning, 222-64, but only with the help of opposition parties. Among the 149 MPs of his own Syriza party, 33 voted against the deal, 11 “present” and one was absent.

The 13 MPs from junior coalition partner Independent Greeks voted for the deal, save for one absent deputy, who, in a letter to Parliament, declared she would have voted yes if she had attended the session.

According to parliamentary rules, the vote of confidence will be preceded by a 3-day debate.