Tsipras tells MEPs: I want your support to help change Greece

Tsipras in his address to the European parliament admitted  that over the last five month his government has spent more time negotiating than governing.

“We were in a fiscal stranglehold, we were thinking more about how to keep the economy alive” he said

He added that his government brought to justice many Greeks who had committed tax evasion, rebutting the critique it has done nothing to reform the Greek economy.

“I want your support to help change Greece. We all understand that this debate is not exclusively about one country. It is about the future of our common construction, the EU and Europe”

“We have ideolgical differences, we are divided on issues, but this is a crucial time to be able to pool our forces.”

“Tomorrow once again we are going to come up with some very specific proposals.”

“Sophocles taught us that the greatest law of all human laws is justice… and I think that is something we have to remember.”