Tsipras: ‘Greeks must vote either for return of oligarhy or path towards future’

ANA – MPA — SYRIZA needs a strong mandate by the Greek people to face the crucial problems facing the country, party leader Alexis Tsipras said on Friday evening, during a speech in the city of Livadia.

“On September 20, the Greek people vote either for the return of vested interests, corruption and oligarchy, or for its path to a future with stability, safety and social justice which will be guaranteed by a SYRIZA government,” he noted.
He then attacked main opposition New Democracy and its leader, Vangelkis Meimarakis, saying that “the coalition of vested interests and corruption is lurking to put into place its initial plan for a ‘left interlude’; and return to power to take the rematch from the Greek people who dared to depose it on January 25.”
He said that the real stake in these elections will be who the people will trust to govern them. “The economic oligarchy or the large social majority? New Democracy and Mr. Meimarakis who are fed by the economic oligarchy and exist solely to serve their interests at your expense? Or SYRIZA who is the sole guarantee that the young, the unemployed, the farmers, the low-income earners and pensioners will not be left to their own devices.”