The new external border of Europe? Berlin to send 30 more officers to police northern Greek border

The European Union will send urgently 30 border police officers to Greece’s northern border, reported the online edition of Spiegel.

The report says that Berlin is worried that a new influx of migrants might appear coming from the Turkish shores. The migrants would be likely to gather again at Greece’s border with FYROM and try to cross further north to Europe. .

Greece at the moment shelters about 60,000 refugees, while there are about 3 million in neighbouring Turkey.

If  Ankara goes back on  the migrant agreement between Berlin and Turkey, there is the risk of an increased influx of migrants trying to reach northern Europe through Greece.

In the event of a failed agreement , security measures on the northern borders of Greece  to prevent illegal crossings to Europe will  result in greater numbers of migrants being trapped in Greece.