The Cretan chapel in Itzedin on the Day of St Eleftherios

Driving in the national road towards Chania just before the Kalami junction  you have probably noticed on your right the imposing structure of the Itzedin fortress.

You probably also know something of the dark history of the fortress as a prison for political detainees after WW2 and until the fall of the Greek military junta in1974. when  the prison was closed and  the castle was abandoned.

Itzedin was also used as a place of execution for prisoners  condemned to death. The last death sentence in Greece was carried out in Itzedin fortress in 1972.

What you may not know however is that once a year on  December 15, the day of  Agios Eleutherios the Fortress of Itzedin  is open to the public.

The chapel within the fortress dedicated to the saint Eleftherios  and every year on the day of the saint  the local priest celebrates mass in the chapel.

The  icons and frescoes in the chapel  have painted by the  the  prison inmates.

So maybe next year ….

Greek Reporter (photos) with additional information from