Tax evaders who never run out of new ideas
 KeepTalkingGreece  — No matter what the tax authorities do to check tax evasion, there is always a new trick to get round checks .  Tax controllers discovered one such trick on the island of Corfu at a local intercity bus service (KTEL) station refectory using a very smart till.
The snack bar employees would enter sold items and the amounts in the electronic cash register and the smart modified till  would issue receipts but could keep records on standby mode. At the end of the day the  owner could make use of a delete standby items option to wipe all or some of the day’s receipts.

The refectory owner got an E 8000 fine and  48 hour lockout of the business, which will probably inconvenience the travelling public who want a drink while waiting for the bus, as much as the owner.