Strays sterilisation programme in Apokoronas gets own licensed building

The first 3-day session of sterilisations of stray animals in an Apokoronas council building was completed successfully  on Wednesday with more than 60 stray and abandoned cats and dogs sterilised and micro chipped.

The municipal building was upgraded and modified to the required legal standards with donations and volunteer work covering the bulk of the costs, thus keeping the council’s contribution to a minimum.

Volunteer vets from Arche Noah Kreta licensed to work in Greece carried out the operations.  European and Greek volunteers worked together to bring in animals they caught in Apokoronas sticking to the strict criteria set by Apokoronas council


Mayor Babis Koukianakis visited the building to thank the volunteer vets, deputy mayor Rena Terezaki and the rest of the volunteer helpers.

The programme has the support of a large proportion of the European residents but also very many of the local people who express their support and make positive comments about the sterilisation-and-release programme  to the mayor,   the deputy mayor  and to the growing number of Greek volunteers.