Rescued Griffon Vultures to be returned to the wild

Eight Griffon vultures will be released in the wild by the Greek Wild Rescue Centre on Sunday at Giouktta, Hosto Nero in Heraklion at 10 am. The birds were found injured or sick from eating poisoned bait in various parts of Crete and were treated in Aigina an island off Athens for treatment. The birds now fully recovered were transported back to Crete with the help of Minoan Lines and the municipality of Heraklion will provide transport to the release point.

The griffon vulture is a large, heavy bird of pray with a wingspan of 260cm and a body length of 97-104cm. Crete hosts a large population of griffons found in almost all areas of the island.


During flight, the vulture is distinguished mainly by the short tail and the wide wings. Usually the vultures make large, slow circles, taking advantage of the hot air updrafts for gaining height and then planing passively, helping it fly very long distances.