Rain and accidents on 15 August

Car accident - file photo

Five of the road accidents recorded in Heraklion prefecture, both in the town and the national road around the  Bali turnoff have been attributed to the heavy Saturday afternoon rainfall. A total of four people people were taken to hospital with light injuries resulting from just these five accidents.


But 15 August like all other significant holiday in Greece, is always accompanied by a sharp increase in road accidents, with or without rain.

There have been a number of other accidents on the day both before and after the sudden downpour, when the roads were dry and visibility good.

Amongst them were the ‘car that fell from the sky’ at 6:30 am in Kokkino Hani, Heraklion. The 25 year old driver was taken to the PAGNI hospital injured but alive and with ‘good prospects of a complete recovery’.

Another accident where the driver miraculously escaped serious injury happened near Anogia Rethymnon where a 43 rear old woman lost control of her car and fell 20 metres down the Tylissian Gorge.B037DBB42A58FF94058C6A7996A3A885