Quad bikes warning after Swindon teenager’s death in Crete accident

Library photo - Ambulance - via eKathimerini

Swindon Advertiser — British tourists have been warned to think carefully before hiring quad bikes or mopeds abroad on holiday, and to only do so as part of an organised trip.

The warning comes after a number of accidents involving British tourists on holiday.

Kieran Roche, a 19 year old man from Swindon, died in a quad biking accident on Crete last month, and two British women were seriously injured in a quad bike crash on the island of Zante.

A 17 year old art student from Lancashire, suffered severe injuries in a separate quad bike accident last month, also on Zante.

UK travel companies have reported 36 quad bike accidents and seven moped accidents in 2017. However, ABTA, the Association of British Travel Agents said the actual number is likely to be much higher.

Nikki White, ABTA’s director of destinations and sustainability, said: “Every year people suffer serious injuries after hiring mopeds or quad bikes while on holiday. Many have little experience of using these vehicles and are also unfamiliar with the local roads and driving standards.

“It’s so easy when you’re relaxing on holiday to do things you wouldn’t dream of doing back home; but you are putting yourself at risk of serious injury if you hire these vehicles, and on top of that, many travel insurance policies won’t cover such activities.

Results of a YouGov survey carried out for ABTA found that one in 10 British holidaymakers who had been overseas in the last 12 months had hired a quad bike or moped. The proportion rose to one in seven among 18- to 24-year-olds.

In 2016, Lewis Evans, 18, from Thornbury near Bristol, suffered “devastating injuries” when he came off the bike in Greece.