Property tax demands emailed to taxpayers

Naftemporiki — Annual property tax payment notices were electronically sent to roughly seven million owners with at least one holding to their name in Greece over the weekend.

The independent public revenue authority stepped up the dispatch of the notices in order to give taxpayers (roughly 6.3 million) and legal entities more time to cover the pending obligation, as it stated in a press release.

In breaking down the statement, the total sum imposed on property owners for 2017 in Greece comes to 3.153 billion euros, of which 2.7 billion are owed by individuals and 448 million by legal entities, such as companies, funds, non-profit institutions etc.

The ENFIA tax has been one of the most unpopular taxes imposed in Greece over recent memory, with the previous Samaras government losing much of its popularity over the measure, which the current government despite its rhetoric while in opposition, was forced to maintain.

The tax is payable in 5 monthly installments with the first one due on 29 September 2017.

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