Phaistos Disc reveals some of its secrets

Tornos News — The Phaistos Disc, probably dating back to the 17th century BC gradually reveals its secrets.

Dr. Gareth Owens, a linguist who has been living in Crete for the past 30 years (25 working in the Technical University of Crete) has devoted his research to decipher the disc.

In collaboration with Professor John Coleman, professor of phonetics at Oxford, he has managed to decipher 99 percent of the disc, Greek agency  ANA reports.

“We are reading the Phaistos disc with the vocal values of Linear B and with the help of comparative linguistics, ie comparing with other relative languages from the Indo-European language family. Reading something, however, does not mean understanding,” Owens revealed in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency when asked about his expected presentation to the National Research Foundation on Wednesday, February 7.