Number of flu deaths in Greece reach 17- Vaccination recommended for some groups

KEELPNO via eKathimerini

Xinhua — Seventeen people in Greece have lost their lives this winter as a result of the seasonal flu virus, while the measles epidemic has grown to almost 2,000 reported cases, according to the Greek Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO).

The lives of eleven people have been claimed in the past month, according to the latest data. None of the 17 victims had been vaccinated, although 15 of them were from high risk groups, because of age or other health conditions local newspaper Ta Nea reported on Friday.

According to KEELPNO experts, the victims were between 30 and 86 years old.

Only 10 percent of the 71 confirmed influenza cases that have been hospitalized from November to early March were inoculated.

In the previous flu season from December 2016 to June 2017, 108 people died of flu complications in Greece, according to the official data.

KEELPNO experts urged Greeks, in particular patients suffering from chronic health issues, to get vaccinated against the flu as well as the measles.