‘No more looting’: Thousands rally across EU to express solidarity with Greece

(RT) — Thousands of people have flooded the streets of EU cities in mass demonstrations expressing solidarity with Greece ahead of this weekend’s referendum on a cash-for-reform deal with its Troika of creditors.


The participants of UK-based Global Justice Now staged a solidarity protest at the British Museum. The banners read: “OXI”  “No More Looting” and “Support Greece.”

“We’re here to say OXI to the modern-day looting of Greece through forced austerity and privatization to pay off the reckless loans of European banks,” said Jonathan Stevenson from the Jubilee Debt Campaign while taking part in the protest.


Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Glasgow chanting “From Glasgow to Greece, no justice no peace” and “the Troika says cut-back, we say fight-back.

“The Troika and the corporate media are attempting to blackmail the Greek people, so acts of solidarity like today are important in letting Greeks know that they are not alone,” Jonathon Shafi from the Radical Independence Campaign, which organized the protest, told CommonSpace News Service.


Crowds have also been rallying across Germany. “Alle Sagen OXI [All say NO]” and “NoTroika” read the banners held by protesters in Frankfurt, while Berliners marched with placards reading “No to pressure,” “Solidarity instead of Austerity” and “Fight Austerity Everywhere.”


Similar protests supporting Greece were held in Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, and many other states across the EU.