New tax agency freezes accounts of 610 suspected tax evaders

Greek Reporter — The Control Centre of Taxpayers with Great Wealth (KEFOMEP), a new agency of the Greek Tax Office, has targeted several doctors, lawyers and businessmen who have large banking accounts without having declared proportionate incomes to the tax office.

The Greek Tax Office freezes an average of 20 accounts per day, of people who have sent more than 100,000 euros abroad or made undocumented transactions of 300,000 euros or more in Greece.

So far KEFOMEP has frozen the accounts of 410 doctors and 200 lawyers who are suspected of tax evasion.

The tax office is investigating 100 doctors who belong to the National Health System (ESY) and their incomes and tax forms show discrepancies. Tax authorities, with the order of the public prosecutor, have the right to immediately freeze accounts and contents of safety deposit boxes before the suspected tax evaders have a chance to transfer their money to other parties or abroad.

KEFOMEP has collected 45 million euros and it seems the agency will exceed the target of 77 million euros set for 2015. Similarly, the Center of Control of Large Enterprises (KEMEEP) has collected 253 million euros from large businesses in the first half of 2015, with the target set at 370 million euros for the year.