Merkel: Greece must take responsibility for the protection of the EU’s external borders

“Greece must take responsibility for the protection of the EU’s external borders, which are currently not secure,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said calling for an urgent intensification of dialogues between Greece and Turkey.

“All European Union member states ought to participate in the reception of refugees. This is not only Germany’s responsibility. Τhe protection of the external borders of the EU, as well as the protection of the region area between Greece and Turkey also belong to this special mission. Because today, this area is not secure,” said Merkel during a meeting of her party’s committee. She reiterated that only migrants in need of protection after fleeing their countries due to war, or political persecution can stay in Germany.

“Those who do not need protection but they are coming to Germany mainly for economic reasons cannot stay with us,” the German Chancellor mentioned.

Angela Merkel also defended the policy she carries out during the refugee crisis, implicitly rejecting the criticism of the members of Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU) who accuse her of applying a naive and dangerous strategy. “Germany did the right thing and it took responsibility,” she said.