Knossos archaeological site closed after lightening strikes visitors sheltering under tree

Seventeen tourists have been injured in a lightning strike at the archaeological site of Knossos just after 10 on Friday morning. The injured people were part of a group of Russian tourists.

The Group of tourists took shelter under a tree – which experts say is the worst possible place to be -during a thunderstorm when the lightening struck.

Health officials say one of the tourists, a 30-year-old woman, suffered a heart attack but was resuscitated and had exploratory abdominal surgery to ensure she did not suffer any internal burns. She is said to be out of danger and recovering in Heraklion Venizelio Hospital. Seven people were taken to the same hospital with light injuries and were released after treatment, and one had head injuries caused by a fall while he was trying to run away frightened by the lightening strike or were suffering from shock. The remaining people were taken to the Heraklion University Hospital where they were treated for shock.

The site, one of Greece’s main archaeological attractions, closed after the incident.