Jean-Claude Juncker to propose “improved” offer to Greek government

(Sputnik) — European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker promised Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in a phone talk Wednesday night to propose new “improved” bailout offers to Athens according to Greek government sources.

According to the sources, a ten minute constructive telephone conversation took place in a good atmosphere between the two men. Jean-Claude Juncker is said to be prepared to take the initiative to propose new, slightly improved offer to the Greek government.

Eurozone finance ministers are due to meet in Luxembourg on Thursday for talks on the Greek debt crisis. The European Union wants Athens to introduce unpopular social and economic reforms in exchange for additional cash injections.

According to sources, Athens will be asked to conduct some of the reforms – for example, to ban early retirement — in a speedy manner, while it will be allowed to postpone the implementation of the other changes.

Greece’s current bailout program expires on June 30.