Human traffickers operating in Crete given long sentences
Daily Mail — The National Crime Agency of the United Kingdom (NCA) today announced the arrest and indictment of 17 human traffickers as a result of actions carried out with the Greek authorities.
According to a statement from the NCA, members of an international network dedicated to the illegal transfer of migrants were arrested after a joint operation by the Hellenic Police, Hellenic Coastguard and the National Crime Agency resulting in the rescue of  112 undocumented migrants in March 2017

The smuggling gang have been jailed for a total of 1,400 years after forcing migrants to live in caves in Crete, and then charging £3,500 each to get them into Europe.

Ringleaders crammed people from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan into damp and perilous caverns and dilapidated farms on the coast of Crete.

From there, the migrants were packed into crowded boats for an ‘incredibly dangerous journey’ to mainland Europe.