Greek parliament approves more austerity hoping for debt relief

Greek Parliament / Deutsche Welle

Euronews — More pension cuts and tax hikes are on the way in Greece, after the country’s parliament approved a new round of austerity.

Coming just days before a eurozone finance ministers meeting in Brussels on 22 May, the government hopes it will convince its lenders to release a 7.5 billion euro bailout tranche and grant it debt relief.

The decision came as angry demonstrators protested outside the parliament building in Athens. Some hurled petrol bombs and firecrackers at police, officers responded with tear gas.

Tensions high over the fresh austerity, the latest since Greece plunged into crisis seven years ago.


Shop owner Sissi Boukouvala said: “My income has reduced by 80 percent. I can’t pay anything. My debts are increasing. We don’t have an income anymore and they raise taxes. I don’t know what will happen from now on. I don’t have hope in anyone, neither SYRIZA or New Democracy.”

Reporting from Athens, Euronews’ Michalis Arampatzoglou said: “The Greek government believes the latest measures will finally end the economic crisis and the country will return to growth. But protesters see the new cutbacks as a long term extension of austerity.”