Government withdraws Stray Animal and Pet Bill following public backlash

Library picture of Lizzie - one of many abandoned dogs that needs rehoming

The government has withdrawn the Stray animal and Pet Bill after a very strong reaction from animal welfare organisations and the public, local media report.

The announcement came from the minister of Agricultural Development, Mr Apostolou, who said that some of the provisions of the bill will have to be reexamined.

The objections from animal welfare organisations centred on 14 points demonstrating that the bill would be detrimental to animal welfare and the management of strays by voluntary  organisations and local government.

Among these,  was the prevention of individuals and welfare charities to to rescue and foster stays, the fact that local councils do not have the necessary infrastructure to fulfil their new obligations, would prohibit vets from treating unchipped animals  and the linking of the are of the property of the pet owner to thew number of pets that could legally be housed.

Heavy fines were planned to implement the provision of the proposed law.