Germany owes Greece €185 billion in WWII reparations, say German researchers

Another Nazi massacre: 13/12/1943 - Men rounded up for execution in Kalavrita where Wehrmacht troops executed over 800 civilians on that one day and destroyed the village via

Germany does indeed owe Greeks billions of euros in World War II reparations for the damages and the enforced loan during the occupation of the country by the Nazis say two German researchers,Heinz Roth and Hartmut Rübner, who dug into historical documents and and calculated that Germany owes Greece 185 billion euros. Of this not even a 1% has been paid to Greece.   come to the conclusion that the reparations issue was not solved in 1960, as Berlin has been claiming. their findings were published in a book,German conservative daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung, (in German) reviews.

Roth and Rübner  have researched mainly  German documents and came to the conclusion that:

At the Paris Reparations Conference in 1946, the Greek government presented a damage record of $ 7.2 billioneventually earning a share of $ 25 million.

“If you do not believe it, you are invited to form your own opinion  in Hartmut Rübner’s carefully edited extensive documentary appendix,”  Sueddeutsche Zeitung comments

When the Wehrmacht withdrew from Greece in October 1944 after three and a half years of occupation, it literally left behind “scorched earth”: the economy, currency and infrastructure were completely destroyed.

Roth and Rübner used  almost exclusively German documents to justify their position. They also point out that for a long time, the Greek government relied on a special relationship with the Federal Republic, which, however, was based on asymmetric power relations.

So far, Greece has tabled two proposals: one referred to 287 billion euros, and one, the official one to 162 billion euros.

So far, Berlin has rejected all Greek claims.

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