Friday polls indicate close result

Two polls Friday morning are pointing in different directions — on shows a narrow No victory, the other a narrow win for Yes.

The first, commissioned by Bloomberg and conducted by the University of Macedonia, has 43% in favour of NO and 42.5% in favour of YES, with 14.5% undecided.

But a much bigger gap has closed since the referendum was announced —before the banks  closed, 52% backed No and just 26.5% backed Yes.

The second poll, commissioned by Ethnos newspaper and the ALCO pollster shows a similarly close result, but with Yes narrowly in the lead. Yes has 44.8% of those surveyed, while No has 43.4%.

Almost all polling suggests that the vast majority of Greeks are keen to keep the euro as the national currency. As a result, politicians opposed to the government want to portray Sunday’s vote as a referendum on the euro for obvious reasons.